117th Annual RAM Exhibition

For the past three years, I have been entering my work into the Richmond Art Museum’s Annual Exhibition.  It’s one of the oldest juried exhibitions in the state of Indiana, and this year is their 117th show. 

It’s always a very interesting (and nerve wracking) experience to have a professional artist come in and judge my work.  Sometimes I get positive feedback on my piece, and sometimes my work gets rejected immediately.  No matter how much I understand intellectually that art is meant to be critiqued and that it’s healthy and productive to receive criticism, it really tears my heart out when someone doesn’t share the same appreciation for my art. 

This year I entered two pieces into the show.  One piece, a painting I completed about a year ago, was rejected as soon as the juror laid her eyes upon it.  Ouch.  My other work, an artists’ book titled No. 2, fared better; it was accepted into the exhibition.

Last night was the opening reception and awards ceremony.  I’m very excited to announce that my book, No. 2, was selected by the juror for an Award of Excellence!  What an honor!  Winning this award is very exciting and validating for me.  As much as I’ve loved creating full-time these past three years, there have been many moments when I’ve doubted my work and skill.  I sometimes wonder if I’ve made a huge mistake, and am just wasting my time.  Moments like last night give me a glimmer of hope that the work I’m doing is worthwhile and important.  (Way to go, Megan!  You’re not a loser!)

I most definitely want to thank Nick (husband), Jaime (best friend), Kathy (momma), and Susan (friend and mentor) for joining me last night and encouraging me always!

If you’re in the Richmond area, come check out the show!  The exhibit is open until January 16th.

117th Annual RAM Exhibition, Nov. 7, 2015. (photo credit Jaime Hamm!)
117th Annual RAM Exhibition, Nov. 7, 2015. (photo credit Jaime Hamm!)


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